Spring? What Spring?

Today is the first week of spring and I already have a headache…

No, not from allergies.  It’s from the snow that is falling outside my door.  I knew it was coming.  It’s been in the forecast for several days.  1-3 inches are predicted which is a pathetic amount compared to what we’ve been slammed with this year.  But still.  Good grief, Mother Nature!  It’s spring!

I had plans for today.  Mom and I were going to go to a local German restaurant with a friend.  Potato pancakes, schnitzel, maybe even some spätzle, and of course, dessert!  But no, it has to snow.  Now I know you’re thinking that 1-3 inches isn’t all that bad.  And those of you from heavy snow areas are rolling your eyes and calling me a wimp.  But Mom isn’t going to drive with even one flake of snow and I can’t really blame her.  So no German food for me today.

Complaint section over——-

Now onto the good stuff of life:

My 2015 Mystery Crochet Afghan is coming along nicely.
Mom had to help me get the squares done and she seems to be enjoying doing the braid to attach them to each other.  She didn’t have any of the purple that was used for the second clue, so she used what she has been calling a “mystery color” instead.  It’s an off-white and I guess it works out alright even if it wasn’t used for the blocks.
There is one slight problem with the entire afghan.  It’s going to be too small for an actual afghan.  My blocks were smaller because I used a thinner yarn than what was suggested.  It’s a 4, but obviously a thinner yarn.  No earth shattering problem, though.  I can just make more blocks.  There is another week and a half until the next clue so I should be able to crank out about 5 or 10 more (with Mom’s help).
I like the blocks and might even make another afghan with different colors and yarn.  But that might be when I am totally bored to tears with not another thing to do in the world.  So in other words, even though I would love to do another one, it won’t happen.  But then again…  (Tune in another 30 years or so to see if I’ve done it 😉 )

If spring hasn’t sprung outdoors, it seems that it has sprung up between the buns.  They are out of control this morning, chewing things they don’t normally chew and generally getting themselves into trouble.  Yuki, who doesn’t rattle the bars on the cage, was yelled at for rattling the bars on the cage.  The crazy thing about that?  The door was open so she could hop around the living room and she had been investigating not five minutes before.  Crazy rabbits!

Guess I better get my rear in gear and get my crocheting done.  Have a great day everyone!  And come on Spring!  I know you can do it!

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